Who we are ?

We are a league of brave ‘thought and design’ provocateurs who are passionate about making a difference by developing intriguing human connections for ambitious brands.

What we do ?

We are a media agnostic communications agency, and we provide strategic creative and media solutions
to our client partners.
• Integrated Communication • Content Development • Branding • Packaging • In-Store Design • Space Design
• Website Design • Digital Communication • Social Media • Public Relations
• Event Conceptualization and Execution.





Our pride and joy

We enjoy engaging in healthy discussions, be challenged by compelling arguments, and we revel in the joy of discovering that there’s always a way of making the good, better.

A few kind words

Want to rebel?

If you’ve liked what you have seen and want to rebel with us,
drop us an email at talktous@rebel.ae (if you are a future client)
joinus@rebel.ae (if you are a kindred spirit, who wants in on the rebellion).